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The IofC team in the Nordic countries, in tandem with the Caux team, will host the gathering in Caux, Switzerland, July 22-27 2024

Like Reading Seven Novels in Three Days

This year's Nordic conference took place at Als in Denmark. Under the theme "living together across cultures", each day focused on one of three perspectives: in the family, between nations, in the local communities. Mahira Karim gives some highlights. For a full report, click here.

Living Together – Across cultures

Nordic IofC gathering in Als, Denmark 2023.

A home for the Nordic North

Near the centre of Oslo is a large house which, since 1965, has been the centre for the work of Initiatives of Change.

Straddling West and East

Kinda Kreidi moved to Sweden from Syria in 2015. She writes about her visit to the UTSAV gathering at Asia Plateau, India, in January

IofC Norden

is a movement of people of diverse cultures and backgrounds who are committed to the transformation of society through changes in human motives and behavior, starting with their own.


IofC Nordic Gathering 2023
August 2-6, 2023
Sydals, Denmark

Theme: “Living together - across cultures”

Backdrop of the meeting hall
We are inviting changemakers!

There are many ways to join Initiatives of Change. Frank Buchman, who started it all, used to say ‚it’s not about getting people into a movement – its about getting movement into people.‘ The same holds true today.


We believe an honest look at one’s own motives and behavior is the start of global change. IofC singles out four values as our foundation for self-reflection: honesty, unselfishness, purity, and love

Initiatives of Change Nordic’s vision

to build bridges and make a positive change in people's lives through the act of active listening, story sharing, community-building
to contribute to a world where the focus is changed from within beyond
a just, peaceful and sustainable world in which people act from a sense of global interdependence and responsibility
Sustainable Living: Economic justice and environmental sustainability