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For A New World – stories of lives changed
For A New World – stories of lives changed

For a new world

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For A New World – stories of lives changed

The spiritual and moral legacy of Frank Buchman lives on in songs, films, books, programmes and above all in the stories of countless people whose lives have found a new direction. While most of the material on this website currently comes from the movement he founded – The Oxford Group, Moral Re-Armament, now Initiatives of Change – it already includes much from other movements which grew from the same roots. The defining aim always has been, and still is, the quest for a hate-free, fear-free and greed-free world where each person has a unique calling and contribution.


This project is possible because of the Foundation For A New World. Part of the capital from the sale of Alnäs, the MRA centre in Sweden, in 2001, was given to the association Kultur for Livet (Renewal Arts, Sweden), aimed at focussing the arts in MRA. In 2012 the members of the association put that capital into a foundation with the simple purpose of making available for all people of the world, a means of exploring, primarily through the internet, the spiritual and moral heritage of Frank Buchman and his work. The purposes of the foundation are listed here.

An international group of people has worked over several years to clarify the aims and scope of the project. Work was done to gather material, classify it, and to define the database structure to hold the resources. Some initial ideas for website design were prepared.

To read a PDF file with more extensive information about the background, click here.

And to understand the conceptual vision, please read How the Odyssey Began, and The Journey Ahead.