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Rejuvenation of Rivers

A new initiative is tackling climate resilience and bring dignity to people in drought affected areas

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Climate emergency has taken its toll on the people of Wajir, where more than 2.3 million people suffer from the lack of water. The drought has also impacted millions of animals, which include livestock and wildlife. Most people in the region are paying more than 38 USD a month, which is less than what they earn.

Amidst all this despair, our focus is to use the same strategy that worked in India - conserve rainwater through building river dams in the region, starting in Habaswein. These river dams will create livelihoods for the people, save water and prevent soil erosion, and prevent floods in the area. We would be using tried and tested methods of harvesting water from Tarun Bharat Sangh under the leadership of Dr. Rajendra Singh. Our intervention, which will incorporate indigenous knowledge and understanding, will truly restore land, lives, and peace and create a model for scaling climate change adaptation and mitigation in the region of the Horn of Africa.

Checkout this document: river-rejuvenation.pdf