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New Story Conversations

“I came away much more aware of some of the narratives about myself and others which I have been living out of. ”

This quote comes from a participant of the New Story Conversations, a programme designed and launched last year by Creators of Peace under the title Advocating for a New Story of Our Shared Humanity (ANS). It is a five session conversation series for a group to explore the dominant narratives in the world and in their own lives. Since the guide was completed, there have been nearly 20 known groups who have followed the material together.

We are aware that some people have downloaded the guide and hosted their own conversations, and we encourage this. If you prefer to join a pre-arranged online group and to be hosted by one of our team, click here to sign up. Different groups are currently planned for:

  • February/March (full)
  • April on Wednesdays
  • May on Sundays

Each of the 5 conversations is around 2 hours long. To download your copy of the guide click here.

We would be grateful for any feedback on the process or experience - write to us at

“For real healing and reconciliation, we need to listen to both sides”